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PRESENTATIONS - part of everyday business life and a lot rides on them. But most people are very nervous and don't deliver. Our Presentation Skills training addresses that. 


Knowing how the media works, how to handle the media and becoming "media savvy". Skills that are crucial to any company, not just in times of crisis but as part of everyday PR and promotion.

Most people find public speaking daunting - even when the audience is one's own colleagues. And facing the press at short notice, giving a media interview or even just writing and managing a press release are always challenging - and especially in times of crisis. But RNA can offer you or your business vital help by training and teaching you the skills required to overcome those challenges.

Our Presentation Skills and Media Training courses are for groups or individuals in any business sector or charity. We tailor training for companies who feel that increased awareness of and improved skills in managing the media are essential throughout the organisation and/or for individuals, at whatever grade, who are likely to have to give interviews or undertake public speaking.


We devised and have run the MBA Executive "Managing the Media" module for the renowned Birmingham Business School at the University of Birmingham for several years, delivering this training to more than 120 executives so far, from as far afield as Hong Kong and South Africa. Clients range from the Ratcliff Group (training of individuals) and the HM Courts Services West Midlands (group courses) to Third Sector organisations (Variety, The Worshipful Company of Carmen)


Courses can be of any length, from one day upwards and, once we have established your priorities and what you consider to be your strengths and weaknesses, we will devise a course specifically for you. This could include discussion groups, lectures, practical exercises and/or full-blown simulations.


We are acutely conscious that just sitting and listening for long periods of time is almost invariably counter-productive to learning, so we make our courses as varied, practical and lively as possible. We also use our video making skills to give our training the added dimensions of self and group analysis...and fun.

Please do get in touch, even if it’s just an idea at this point, and we can discuss the best way to move forward.

Thanks! Message sent.

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